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Air to Pure Water converter

The idea of "Making water from the air"  
  • There are four thousand cubic miles of water in our atmosphere. This is a continually renewable quantity because of the evaporation effect, resulting in water vapors’ concentration in clouds.
  • This new technology exploits the moisture’s liquidation effect in the atmosphere employing the principles used in the functioning of an air-conditioning system.
  • The water is gathered and held while it is filtered to be clean from every impurity due to the water’s stagnancy.
  • This machine uses a system of 4 filters in comparison with other competitors which only use 2 or 3 filters to remove the impurities.
    1. Sediment Filter.
    2. Pre-Carbon Filter.
    3. U.Filter.
    4. Post-Carbon Filter.
  • The filtering procedure  

    The filtering procedure follows 6 steps including using the UV lamp to remove any bacterium and other organic particles.
    The double UV Filter is unique to this system providing:

    1. Sanitation of the air, removing moisture and dust.
    2. Dehydration of the air.
    3. Hot and Cold water system.

    How it works.  

    The unit has a microcomputer that secures the proper functioning of the internal components with the adjustment, control and monitoring of these separate units functions.

    The household system can produce up to 32 liters per day.
    The unit has a double use and you can adjust the cold water temperature digitally, while the hot as been set to 80°C.
    The machine can be divided into 2 separate units: The upper part (filtering system and water supply) of 24kg weight, and the lower part (dehydration and compression system) of 27kg weight.


    Production and Cost  

    The production cost of the drinkable water is estimated to be approximately 0,038 € per litre.
    The maintenance cost – procurement of filters is estimated to be approximately 200 € per year.

    There are also two other machines that produce 2500lit of water per day and another of 5000lit water production per day capacity.  These are units are shown in the following photographs on the right:


    Product Certifications and Approvals

    Water Analysis Center of Melbourne.

    Analysis Sample :  18/07/2005.Results of chemical analyses related to Australian rules of drinkable water for all the listed tests. Microbiological tests indicated that no bacterium or pathogenic viruses were found growing.

    Korean Environmental Institute & Watering Works.

    PSB Control Association of Singapore Waters.
    SGS Certificate of EMC Compliance.
    Greek Geological and Mineral Institute.
    Reasons to select the Aqua Maker solution:  

    There are many reasons to drink water from an aqua maker machine.

    • With an aqua maker you can be sure that the water you drink is purest possible quality.  The drinkable aqua maker water is recognized for the highest standards and quality of the water produced.
    • The aqua maker  water is the absolute healthiest choice.
    • The aqua maker  water is more safe than any tap water.  It contains NO impurities, toxins, dust or inorganic metals.
    • The aqua maker  water uses certified and advanced water sanitation technology under strict sterilization conditions.


    Defenco Protects the Environment and is contracted with the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation
    Defenco is working under Industrial Security and Safety Certification.

    The company and its personnel are NATO Cleared and the company is an Official Supplier of the Hellenic M.O.D under NATO Cage Code G1679.