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Unmanned Air Vehicles

The need to cope with multiple internal and external insurgencies – from Afghanistan to Nigeria, from China to Columbia, from India to the Philippines – creates a need for practical, if unconventional approaches.

There were no soldier can go, a UAV can.

There is a variety of applications for UAV systems such as:
  • Military/Police border Surveillance
  • Military/Police territory Surveillance
  • Vehicle Movement Monitoring
  • Crowd Monitoring
  • Fire Control Management
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Emergency Response
  • Homeland Security 

But competing successfully in the Counter-Insurgency UAV market is not easy. Bringing together the winning combination of technologies, strategies and price requires an in-depth understanding of multi-faceted market topology.

This is where Defenco, with it's long term involvement with the Army Forces, and experience with such vehicles can produce, consult, supply and support various kinds of UAV systems.


Defenco Protects the Environment and is contracted with the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation
Defenco is working under Industrial Security and Safety Certification.

The company and its personnel are NATO Cleared and the company is an Official Supplier of the Hellenic M.O.D under NATO Cage Code G1679.