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OSI Geospatial and Defenco installed OSI ECPINS-W in FG-454

OSI and Defenco installed the War ECTIS application, ECPINS®-W to the Hellenic Navy frigate FG-454, Psara. The system escorted the ship to all its military obligations throughout the period November 2006 to July 2009. The system used the Hellenic Navy Hydrographic charts and supported the bridge personnel during it's rough days in Somalia.

ECPINS®-W Overview


ECPINS-W is a WECDIS system that provides enhanced capabilities over and above a standard ECDIS system.  This software meets and exceeds IMO ECDIS specification while providing WECDIS features and functionality in excess of the base IMO specification.

ECPINS-W is an advanced navigation product for the military, para-military and government markets that is designed to comply with STANAG 4564, the NATO Warship Electronic Chart and Information System (WECDIS) standard.

This product has been certified by BSH (Bundesamt Für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie); an agency of the Federal Republic of Germany as being an IMO approved ECDIS and provides all of the features and functionality required for use at sea, as noted by the approval certificate found at Annex 2.  This approval indicates that ECPINS®-W meets the requirements commensurate with IMO Resolution A817(19) 1995, IMO Resolution MSC(67), Annex 5:1996, IHO S-57 and S-52, IEC 61174:1998 and IMO A.817 (19) Appendix A.7:1998 S-53.

The software has many advanced features that make it both suitable for use an IMO approved  ECDIS and for use by military navigators as a tactical tool. 

ECPINS®-W Functionality
ECPINS®-W (Electronic Precise Integrated Navigation System- Warship) provides the warship navigator with a precise, real time display of position and progression on electronic charts with additional tactical military functionality.

This functionality can and has in the past be increased to include input from the warships combat systems to provide a complete warship package.  This integration is done on a case by case basis and could be augmented with support from within the Hellenic Industry.

Figure 2- ECPINS®-W

ECPINS-W software allows the military navigator to configure the display screen to meet minute-by minute requirements. This allows for the seamless transition from open ocean navigation to coastal navigation to precision pilotage in confined waters. A wide variety of functions and overlays provide the user with a huge range of tools to aid and assist the vessel’s precise navigation, positional accuracy and overall safety. In addition, the military navigator benefits from functionality that allows the presentation of additional tactical and military data.

ECPINS-W is unmatched in design features and technological detail, including: 

  • Multi-fuel display that selects the best available charts, in any official format, for simultaneous display without borders or seams including:
    • Raster-BSB, ARCS
    • Vector – S-57, S-63, DNC & TOD
    • Land Map Formats – DTED
    • C-MAP CM 93
    • Additional Military Layers (AML) – Editions 1 and 2
    • Controlled Image Base (CIB) Satellite Imagery
    • NGA Digest Data (VPF and RPF)
  • A graphical user interface that has been developed by military navigators for military navigators
  • Interfaces with all existing and perceived future military and civil navigation sensors
  • The highest level of compliance with all major electronic chart system standards including International Maritime Organization (IMO) ECDIS, US Navy ECDIS-N and NATO WECDIS standards
  • Optional radar interface, AIS and track data, that is able to perform instantaneous contact correlation with charted features
  • Eight alternative screen displays for optimal presentation of chart and sensor data

ECPINS-W provides enhanced situational awareness and improved safety. Through the use of the advanced tools and functionality provided with the software, the military navigator is able to construct an enhanced Recognized Maritime Picture (RMP) to give more comprehensive situational awareness on the bridge.

Figure 3- ECPINS-W Recognized Maritime Picture (RMP) Compilation

The tools provided to the military navigator for advanced navigation, mission planning and the compilation of a comprehensive RMP, have been developed with direct input from military professionals and through extensive experience at sea with installed systems.

Sensor Connections as complete by DEFENCO S.A.

During December 2006 DEFENCO S.A. working together with an engineer from OSI completed the temporary installation of the W-ECPINS system on board the PSARA frigate.  Since this was a temporary installation not all sensors were connected, since they may have required additional R&D for expanding the computer interfaces.  This work of course for a larger permanent installation could be handled within Greece in co-operation with technical support from OSI.

As can be shown the OSI system through the years has been supported by DEFENCO S.A. as well as expanded in capability locally.  Therefore, there is a large amount of local content which can be provided for the system, as well as locally modifying the interface to operate in the Greek language.

During the installation, DEFENCO S.A. successfully integrated the following systems into the OSI W-ECPINS system.

  1. Primary GPS - Racal Decca MNS 2000– the cable was run from the signal source in the Racal Marine Systems Bridgemaster 250 to the system shelf location
  2. Secondary GPS - Garmin 128 Secondary GPS – the cable was run from the rear of the Garmin 128 to the system shelf location
  3. Heading – Sperry Mk 29 Gyrocompass – the cable was run from the signal source in the Racal Marine Systems Bridgemaster 250 to the system shelf location
  4. AIS – the cable  was run from the AIS junction box to the shelf location
  5. Echo/Sounder - ELAC Echo/Sounder – the cable was run from the signal junction box
  6. ARPA – Racal Marine Systems Bridgemaster 250 - the cable was run from the signal source in the Racal Marine Systems Bridgemaster 250 to the system shelf location
  7. Speed Log – AGLILOG  - the cable was run from the signal source in the Racal Marine Systems Bridgemaster 250 to the system shelf location
  8. Radar Overlay – and RG59 cable was run from the signal source in the Racal Marine Systems Bridgemaster 250 to shelf location to allow for an analog signal to be displayed on the system.
  9. NOTE 1 - The AIS Antenna and GPS Antenna were installed by DEFENCO PRIOR to the of the W-ECPINS system and it provides AIS information to the navigator within the W-ECPINS system

Additional capabilities to expand the system
OSI in cooperation with the UK Ministery of Defense and UK Navy has increased the AIS capability of the W-ECPINS to include a W-AIS system.  This Warship AIS system allows for many functions which are not included or not meant to be included in the original civilian version of AIS. 

Some of these functions include:
  • Ability to spoof the AIS system to show the warship in a different location with different information then it currently is.
  • Ability to show more then one warship to ships receiving the AIS information and thus fool them into thinking there are more ships in the area then there are.
  • The above ability also forces to the opposing force to compare the AIS information with actual radar information which is difficult if the two systems are not integrated.

By having AIS information integrated with the warship radar it is easy for the warship to distinguish between civil boats which will show both a radar image, and a AIS information and military ships which will be showing only a radar contract with no AIS information.

This capability also helps the military ship to immediately proceed to an area where they see a radar image, without an AIS information to investigate the reason.  This reason can sometimes be related to a smuggling operation.

Many of these additional capabilities could be expanded and refined using local programming and Hellenic Industry content to provide a solution specific to the needs of the Hellenic Navy for navigation.

Further info about this product/project availiable at OSI website 


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The company and its personnel are NATO Cleared and the company is an Official Supplier of the Hellenic M.O.D under NATO Cage Code G1679.